Mindful Eating Journal App

Project Info:

The purpose of the app Journal for Mindful Eating is to assist you in becoming aware, and to generate a deeper understanding of why you eat the way you do. When you become conscious of your true reasons for eating, you will also find it easier to fully understand your eating behaviors and change them in a direction of your choice.

The most important function of the app Journal for Mindful Eating is to motivate you to stop for a moment and ask yourself why you eat, every time you put something in your mouth. As a result of using the app every time you eat, you will soon find yourself eating more mindfully, and actively avoid unnecessary snacking and overeating.

Another important benefit of this app is its clear and accessible summaries and diagrams, which help you better understand your reasons for eating. In a pedagogical and easy manner, the summaries and visuals illustrate your reasons for eating, and how the reasons change as you start to eat more mindfully.

  • Developed by:Yan Zhang
  • Completed on: May 2014
  • Platform:Android
  • Client: Well-aware-ness